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Question: I'm 22 week pregnant and my baby is in breech position.. is it safe or complicated?

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Answer: More complications can occur if the baby is breech. When breech babies are delivered vaginally, they are more likely to be injured during or after delivery than babies who are delivered headfirst. Breech babies who are delivered vaginally are also more likely to develop a birth injury where the baby’s hipsocket and thigh bone become separated. Complications with the umbilical cord are also more likely in breech babies who are delivered vaginally. For example, the umbilical cord is more likely to be flattened during delivery, which can cause nerve and brain damage due to lack of oxygen.
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Question: Hi m 32 week pregnant and my baby is in breech position...is it safe
Answer: Hi Dear! Breech position or head up generally delivered through C-Section. Breech position has got nothing to do with physical activity and almost nothing you do will turn the baby. Depends on body built/ shape of the uterus/ baby's comfort and many other factors but you could still ask you're OB for some exercises to help you stretch out. Please do not try any manual ways to try n turn your baby. It could be fatal. All the best for your delivery!
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Question: I'm 30 weeks pregnant, bad my baby position is frank breech position..is safe or no??
Answer: Hello mam A frank breech is when the baby's bottom is down, but his legs are straight up with his feet near his head. The presenting part is the buttocks,it is common in many pregnant women nothing to be worried During the month before 30 weeks, many babies are breech. The breech baby is vertical, so the womb is stretched upwards. This makes it easier for the breech baby to flip to head down around 28-32 weeks. Hope for the best
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Question: I'm 32 weeks pregnant and my baby position is in breech position is it OK or not
Answer: Breech position mean baby legs were down it was not the good position for normal delivery,but the position changes you were till at 33 weeks might be position changes up to 39th week.
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