16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 15 week pregnant and I walk daily at least 30 minutes in the evening is it good or not? plz tell

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Answer: Hello! It is absolutely fine . But do not strain yourself . Only if you are not able to walk then limit your walking time to 20 minutes
Answer: Yes both the time is good
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Question: Hi i am in 16 th week .can i walk for 30 minutes as daily exercise
Answer: Yes dea rif ur pregnancy is not having any complication and you haven't been advised bed rest you can go for a walk daily. It not only helps in digestion and avoid constipation and gas but also prepares ur body for giving birth. Hope it helps.
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Question: I m 6 week pregnant and I m traveling 130 km daily. is it safe or not? plz tell me
Answer: Traveling is safe, only thing is that u should take care about, the jerks or jumps or speed breakers, nothing apart from that u should worry.
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Question: Did i walk for morning 30 min and evening 30 min or more daily in my strtng of third trimester
Answer: U Shud walk in moderation jitna comfortable ho. Also do soft squats but maintain ur balance
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