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Question: I m 30th week now, my baby movement is bit less as compare to others..why is it so.

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Answer: Hi dear, It is very normal to feel less movements now.i had the same issue ,and had to go to doctor to check whether everything is ok.i could actually see my baby move but was not able to feel it.moreover this stage the baby growing rapidly and the uterus is not sufficient.dur to space crunch,movements are restricted.it is quite ok.not to worry.wish you all the best on your delivery.
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Question: Its my 30th week, i feel less baby movment as compare to the previous weeks...is it norml?
Answer: It is commonly seen in third trimester that baby movement decrease because of the equivalent proportion of placental and the baby so baby has got no space now as a baby has reached its maximum growth curve in third trimester so you may not feel that much movement because baby is not free to move a lot hence he does not make a lot of moments . In your 9 months if your baby's movements are less or if you report to your doctor that you are feeling less of baby movements as of now then your doctor May do ctg test which is also known as non-stress test which is carried out to understand the baby's heart rate if the normal range of 110 or 130 is achieved then do not worry number of movements /proper heart rate these are checked it will also measure your Braxton Hicks contractions if you are getting slight contraction or not if the uterus is well prepared or not so it will identify a problem in your placenta early so the doctor will be prepared for the delivery with proper measures Do not worry Take care.
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Question: Today baby movement is less as compare to another day
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Babies’ movements change as they grow and develop, and they should become more frequent in the third trimester. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you might feel anything from 16 to 45 movements an hour. If not please contact your gynecologist. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Hi compare to previous month now baby movement is less so please advise whether it is normal or not
Answer: Hi, during end of the pregnancy you may feel less movement because the size of the baby increases and place in your tummy wont be sufficient. But still you should feel the small movement entire day. Hope that is happening.
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