13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 12 week pragnant I have urine infection ++ is there is serious problem

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Answer: You must consult your doctor. It can be severe in cases
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Question: I'm 12 week pregnant, I'm suffering urine infection, is it serious of pregnancy?i don't understand!
Answer: Don't worry everything has a solution.. your doctor will ask you to do urine culture test.. if infection is there she will give medications... from your side drink lots of water daily morning drink tender coconut and noon time Orange juice... keep your self hydrated.. it is curable so don't worry take care..
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Question: I have Concipation problems always,, I m 12 week pragnant
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce constipation, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Include fiber rich foods like oats, cereals, millets.. Have more fruits and vegetables in your diet Include dryfruits in your diet Drink 2-3 litre of water daily Have guava with breakfast will help a lot You can also have banana smoothie, fig smoothie effective for constipation
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Question: I have little stomach pain in abdomen and upper is their is problem I m 12 week pragnant
Answer: If its mild then it is normal but if it is too sharp and unable to bear, immidiately consult doc
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Question: Urine infection in 5 month is serious problem?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. In pregnancy, they cause changes in the urinary tract, and that makes women more likely to get infections. Also, your growing uterus presses on your bladder. That makes it hard for you to let out all the urine in your bladder. Leftover urine can be a source of infection. Drink plenty of water. Don't ignore the urge to pee. After a bowel movement, wipe yourself from front to back to prevent bacteria in the stool from getting near the urethra. Keep your genital area clean with mild soap and water. Hope this information was helpful.
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