13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii I'm 12 week I feel like I'm not able to take full breath I'm not able to breath properly

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. As baby grows it puts pressure making breathing difficult. Nothing to worry about it. You can sleep keeping a support under your head, so head comes in slant position making breathing easy. Minimal discomfort is common. But if you feel it's un manageable or find any other symptoms please consult doctor. Take care
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Question: Hi I'm 35 weeks pregnant I'm not able to sleep properly and cannot breath properly..y this is happening
Answer: hi dear it is very normal at 35 weeks of pregnancy because your more heavier than before and your uterus is also heavy you have a baby bum and the season is summer so with everything it becomes very uncomfortable for you to breathe and the liver normal life so there may be some kind of discomfort but it is normal don't worry just try to sleep with elevated the head so that you can breathe easy take ample of rest there is nothing to push yourself to do and do not strain yourself it is very important to keep a few things in mind that you need to avoid all kind of junk food street side food try to a stick to basic normal homemade food and have food before 2 hours of your bedtime so that you get the time to get the food digested and then sleep because sometimes what happens as and when your uterus are baby but keeps growing the die farm is also pushed upwards and you have a discomfort in breathing so that can also be the reason .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 24 weeks pregnant. I feel uneasy from past one week. Not able to breath properly. Sweating starts sometime and feel like loss of breath
Answer: It's quite common for expectant women to be short of breath. As a normal part of pregnancy, your breathing may be affected by the increase of hormone progesterone, which causes you to breathe in more deeply. Breathing may also become more difficult as your enlarging uterus takes up more space, and your breath affect by this. Start breathing exercise. Drink glucose water daily.
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Question: I'm 7 months I can't able to breath properly at night times an not able to sleep
Answer: Dear my sister used to have same problem Inger pregnancy. See just take steam at night that really helps but if still the problem remain same then do get it checked by doctor once..
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