32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 32 week.. how to find my amniotic fluid is draining.. what the symptoms shown in our body.. and I m getting urinated within 15 min..

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Question: How to increase the Amniotic fluid In my body
Answer: Hi dear, to increase amniotic fluid its important for you to increase your fluid intake. The more fluid you will drink that will help increase the amniotic fluid. You can consult with your doctor for some instant relief medicine if fluid is very less. Otherwise drink atleast 2-3 liter of liquid daily that will help.
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Question: in my body Amniotic Fluid is more what to do
Answer: Hello dear, mode of analytic fluid the case is called as polyhydramnios.excess fluid can slightly increase the risk of complications during pregnancy and delivery. As a result, doctors good advice to do regular check up I will keep monitoring the condition of the mother and other factors .
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Question: I m 32 week pregnant my AfI is 7. How to increase amniotic fluid
Answer: Drink more water and keep ur body hydrated that's more enough ...
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