20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 19 week 4 days pregnant can i hv my triple scan done now

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Triple marker test is done to check if baby has any abnormalities in development, especially downs syndrome.It is usually done between fifteen to twenty weeks of pregnancy. You can have it now since you did not finish twenty yet. It is to confirm many factors regarding babies development. Take care
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Question: I hv not done anomaly scan....now m 7th month pregnant...wt shud i do
Answer: Dear of you didn't done anomaly scan then get done the double marker test and 3d test done to know the exact growth of baby and also consult with your doctor about it and see what she suggests..
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Question: Im 19 week 2 days pregnant can go to anomaly scan now or 20 week 4 day I should go?
Answer: Btwn 18 to 22 weeks u can go for anomaly scan... Wen ur doc told u to tak scan at 19 week or 20 week. Do as per ur doc advcr
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Question: m 20 week pregnant..i have done anomoly scan..do i need to do quadruple now as i hv not done it till now
Answer: Hello dear, If your anamoly scan report is normal. No need to do another test.
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