38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 37 week 5 day pregnant. Can do fast for karwa chouth. Everything is normal yet.

Answer: Yes u may do But fir v thoda sambhal k
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Question: Hi I m 9 th month pregnant Kya me karwa chouth ka fast rakh sakti hu..meri due date 17 Nov hai
Answer: How can u say dat dear..? 9th week pregnency nd aap fst rkhna chahte ho? Apko pata hai na aap pure dun bhuke rahoge to baby ko v bhuke hi rehna parega..
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Question: I m 37 week pregnant my baby is not dropped yet what should i do for it and it is possible for my normal delivery
Answer: Hi Maintain an helathy diet have lots of fruits and vegetables Proper diet is not only important for your body but also for a healthy growth and development of the unborn child. Also, it is important to gain a lot of strength for childbirth. A stronger body can face the challenges of labour more smoothly Have a 4-5 overnight soaked almonds and 2 -3 handful of dry fruits 2-3 servings of fruits as well as vegetables everyday Have 2 glasses of milk ,include yougurt ,paneer ,and other milk products in your daily diet Stay fit exercising built up a good stamina but it is also important to help you bear the labour pain Kegel exercises can particularly be very helpful. It helps strengthen the pelvic region and make the thighs stronger. Walk , swimming , meditation , practice breathing patterns , exercise that help you calm down Prenatal yoga or pregnancy yoga is excellent it helps open up the pelvic cavity which I'd helful in Normal delivery and so does squats always have a certified yoga expert to teach you the same and have assistance while practice either Take good care of yourself and never push your self Do what is comfortable for you
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Question: In 39 week can I take karwa chauth fast???
Answer: Hi dear, Please refrain from fasting during pregnancy.it is never recommended.during pregnancy lot of hormonal fluctuations keep happening,and most of them are directly or indirectly linked to body functions.when you fast at this stage,you put more stress to your body.your sugar levels go haywire and it could lead to fainting episodes,which is definitely not expected at this stage.it could lead to pre term labor too.dehydration during this adds more stress too.
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