10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m very curious to know whether it is a girl or boy.plz help me with us suggestions and experiences.plzzzzzz

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Answer: by scan reports you will know whether it is girl r boy.if the heartbeat rate is below 140bpm then it is boy .if it is above 140bpm then it is girl .mostly girl baby heartbeat more than boy and it will be 159bpm
Answer: Hii dear. There is no such. Way to get to know about the sex of baby.its all god grace.
Answer: Same here we have to wait till birth
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Question: M pregnant with non identical twins..I m curious to know about genders any chance of getting both baby boy or girl and a boy?
Answer: Hi dear,I can understand your curiosity but there is no such way to get results to your curiosity till the babies are delivered So relax All the best
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Question: I m 22 weeks pregnant I m very curious to know whether it is baby girl or boy... Plz help to know
Answer: Hi dear, Gender of the baby can only be detected from 4th month onwards. Moreover there is no sure way to know baby’s gender other than getting sex determination test done, which is illegal in India. All other suggestive methods such as bump size,pregnancy symptoms and heartbeat are mere speculations, these finding doesn't hold any truth. They are just assumptions.
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Question: How to know its a girl or a boy?? I am too curious to know!!!!
Answer: Hi dear,  I can understand your curiosity but gender check is illegal in India and it doesn't matter if it's girl or boy us being mom our love remains same. Wait for the big day. Hope you will have health baby. 😇
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