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Question: I'm trying to get pregnant from 8months but I'm not getting pregnant

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Answer: As you are trying for more than 6 month but not getting success it will be better to consult doctor and take all the pregnancy and fertility test to check both of your fertility and then start taking supplements to increase your chances of pregnancy. Also both of you have to maintain healthy diet and active lifestyle. Hope it will help..
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Question: How to get pregnant, I'm trying since last one year.
Answer: Hey dear there r so many reason of non concieving period irregular , thyroid ,any blockage in tubes ,eggs not make ,if makes size s not perfect .or may be its not rapture on exact time ,or less sperm count in ur husband,overweight or less weight .so dear consult to ur Dr nd go 4 scan nd nesasary test so that u can know the reason of non concieving. Try it .
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Question: I'm not getting strong movement from yesterday is there anything to worry about
Answer: Going forward in pregnancy u will get less movement as now baby is bigger in size and will have less space to move much. So don't worry dear make sure baby is moving for 10 times in 2 hours.
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Question: How to reduce the fibroids..?I'm trying to get pregnancy?
Answer: drink lemon juice with baking soda daily for best results
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