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Question: I m trying to get pregnant and my last period was on September 15th and my next periods is on Oct 15th in my vaginal position watery discharge is there no colour only watery but I need to get pregnant plz answer me to get pregnant as possible soon???

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Answer: Dear if you are having watery discharge I would request you to please consult the doctor as it could be due to some infection. Also your fertile window is gone as you ovulate before 14 days of your periods. So you ovulate on 1st Oct and should have had sex between 29th Sep to 1st Oct. Hope it helps.
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    Veena R Rao369 days ago

    I have seen doctor thanks so much for your advice but actually I have problem in my chromosome doctor has recommended to starting TTC so we started from 28 that sep continuesly so plz help me I need a healthy baby bcoz I had 2 miscarriage

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Question: My last period was on September 15th and my next periods is on Oct 15th me and husband started to conceive from 14th day of my last period can I be pregnant if I don't get period this month?????
Answer: Yes dear if the sex is done in the fertile window then the chances to conceive are high. Also please note dear you have 31 day cycle if your periods are due on 15th of this month so you would have ovulate exactly 1st Oct and your fertile window was 29th Sep to 1st Oct. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hii... On 1 oct i got my periods... When is my fertile days??.. Can we have sex regularly.... And even after sex.sperm comes out.... What to do to get pregnant as soon as possible... Plzz help me
Answer: Dear to know your ovulation days I need to know your period cycle days. If you have a normal 28 days period cycle then you ovulate on the 14th day after your periods which means if your periods are on 1oct then you will ovulate on 14th Oct and you should have sex between 7th Oct and 14th oct. You can do it daily or alternate that your wish. You can get pregnant, even if it feels like ‘everything’ is coming out afterwards. The sperm will be on their way to fertilize your egg by the time you get up and move around.  While it is worrisome,  you only need one very strong and quick sperm to fertilize your egg.   For a man with normal sperm count, each ejaculation has at least 20 million sperm in it!   Even if most of the sperm leaks out, there are still a large number available to fertilize your egg.  Trying to get pregnant causes a lot of stress and concern.  You should remove sperm leakage from your list of worries.   It isn’t something to worry about. Hope it helps.
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Question: is there any remedy to get the periods after short time after my miscarriage and missed abortion that i can try for my next pregnancy as i want get pregnant as soon as possible????
Answer: No dear there is no way there. You need to wait for the periods to come in a natural way.
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Question: Hi, I started my periods on 28 Oct 18..pls can you tell me which is my fertility days. I am planning to consive as soon as possible.
Answer: Hi.. If ur period cycle is regular den ur ovulation will be around 12 to 20 days counting from day 3 from ur periods... tat is Nov 11 to Nov 20.. All the best..
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