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Question: I'm three months pregnant. I have fifteen months old baby. I am alone taking care of him. Still he is not walking. I used to lift him daily. Is it is ok?

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Answer: Dear its normal if baby didnt start walking yet. Just get him some walker that will help encourage him to walk. Also ypu can lift him but while sitting and if there is no complications in your pregnancy then you can lift and walk also but be very careful and watch your steps.. otherwise all is safe..
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    Sk Dilruba667 days ago

    Thank you.

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Answer: Hi! Are you pregnant with another child while feeding the older, please note, there is no harm in feeding your older while you are carrying another baby. Your body does not stop producing milk in pregnancy. Your unborn baby still receives the nutrients it needs from your body, however you need to take good care of your diet and hydration by consuming more water. Also note post birth also you can feed two children at a time which is called Tandem.feeding.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Now I am twelve weeks pregnant. I have a baby who is fifteen months old. Still I am breastfeeding him. Is it is ok?
Answer: In a way it is okay but you need to take care of your diet as you need to feed for yourself , your toddler and your growing baby in the womb.
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