Planning for pregnancy

Question: I m taking medicine of bone tb will it support pregnancy

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Answer: Dear while having tb medicine please dont plan pregnancy because ots not at all advisable and it can cause alot of complications.. so finish your course of medicine first and then plan for pregnancy..
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Question: Thyroid during pregnancy is common r not bt I m taking medicine does it harm both of us r nt
Answer: Hello! Thyroid during pregnancy is not common, but yes is faced by lot of women. If you have thyroid, then medicine is compulsory to make sure that it doesn't harm ur baby
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Question: Im not taking any iron tablet and not taking any other medicine , not visiting doctor.. im 2 and 1 week of pregnancy... Will it be okay?
Answer: should take folic acid in first three months is very imp to avoid brain defects... Iron is suggested in second trimester... Even sono is imp so i think you should c A doctor
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Question: I have vaginal infection and taking medicine for it. So, will I undergo c-section because of this?
Answer: Hi me too the same case with same weeks. My doctor gave me suppositories, now it is ok. But it should be clear during labor as it shd not affect the baby
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