28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm taking shelcal hd 15min before going to sleep at night is it ok???

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Answer: No problem in taking this medicine at night..drink plenty of water when you take calcium and iron tabs..shelcal will strengthen the bones and give the essential calcium necessary for baby growth
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Question: Can I take shelcal hd with milk at night ???I'm 28weeks pregnant
Answer: Hello! Please consult the doctor for any medicine during pregnancy. If it is already prescribed by the doctor then you can have but avoid having it with milk. Take care
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Question: Is it ok to sleep at late night?
Answer: Pregnant women need to sleep for at least six hours per day. The possibility of a normal birth in pregnant women whose sleep pattern is disrupted is reduced by up to four or five times, according to research. The effects of sleep to the unborn baby in pregnant women cannot be underestimated. The biggest indicator of this is the progesterone hormone, which is needed for the continuity of the pregnancy. During pregnancy, the reason for the increasing need of sleep, especially in the first three months, is because there is an increased secretion of progesterone during sleep. This causes excessive sleepiness and a constant feeling of fatigue during the daytime.
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Question: What can i feed at night for baby before going to sleep
Answer: breast milk or formula is best for baby before sleep... all the semi solid food should be given in .ca day tym...
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Question: Hi!!! Is it good to give honey to kids at night before sleep..
Answer: Hello dear. There is no harm in giving honey to babies. But make sure baby brush the teeths after honey as it may cause cavity. Hope it helps.
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