36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm taking calcium 2 times a day and iron once a day during the afternoon. Now doctor has advised me to take iron tablet also twice a day. Is it normal? My hb is 12.6 . Please tell me when can I take the iron tablet. Can I take it together or separately.

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Answer: Hello Dear it depend on composition like how many mg are yu taking.. some medicine have in 1 tablets and some need 2 equal to 1it depends. if doctor has recommended, then take calcium after breakfast and lunch.. iron can be taken in eveneing and night keeping in mind both ( calcium and iron supplement) should not be taken together. It is absolutely safe just follow yur doctor's instructions. Take care
Answer: Hi. It depends on how much mg of iron tablet you are having. If the power of tablet is changed in that case your doctor asked to take it twice. Yiu can have it together but dobt have it with calcium as calcium doesnt let iron to get desolved in body. Good luck.
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Question: Hi my baby is 40days old,i had a c sec,can i take iron tablet ,one every afternoon. Im taking calcium twice a day
Answer: Hi dear yes surely u should take till 6 months of age of baby as still ur body need these nutrition as u r breastfeeding ur baby. Also for the doses do consult doctor.
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Question: Can we take calcium nd iron tablets together as dr suggest me to take calcium tablets twice a day and iron once...plz suggest me how to take these tablets
Answer: You can take calcium in morning or night with milk and iron tab in noon with lemon water..make sure u don't take it on empty stomach...so better go for iron med after lunch..
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Question: My doctor has advised to take calcium twice a day, iron and folic acid once.. What time is the best to take these during the day?
Answer: Dont take calcium and iron together, so you can take calcium in morning and night ad rest two tablets on noon.
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