6 months old baby

Question: I m suffering from sore throat n nose block...help pls

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Answer: Hi dear plz take steam and gargle with salty warm water. That is really good for soar throat and blocked Nose. Have kadha made of ginger tulsi and honey. Use humidifier at home . U can take a glass of water with one spoon each of apolw cider vinegar and honey before sleeping. It will relieve the pain and infection.
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Question: Ma'am from yesterday i am suffering from severe nose block n headache please help.
Answer: Hi dear , can understand nose block and headache are quite painful. May be some nice warm soup to sip with little ginger flavour may help. Also try and rest to see if that helps. Eucalyptus oil on bed cover or pillow cover helps release the nose block . For headache a nice head massage and rest should ease the pain. If no then you could speak to doc and take a paracetamol .
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Question: I m suffering from sore throat. Plz suggest any remedi..
Answer: Hi dear, For soar throat please try the following: 1- gargle lukewarm water with honey and turmeric twice a day 2- taking steams as many times as possible 3- 1 tsp ginger juice,tulsi juice, honey,pepper crushed .take it twice a day 4- keep sipping hot water through out the day 5- avoid any deep fried or oily food,which triggers cough
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Question: I m suffering from sore throat
Answer: hi , to cure your sore throat kepe sipping warm liquids , warm water gargle or tea with ginger root . Lemon and honey are good ways to give relief
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