40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m suffering from high bp even before marriage though i was not aware of it till i conceived.now i feel pr.oblem in left eye

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Answer: This situation can be hypertensive retinopathy. To prevent hypertensive retinopathy, keep your blood pressure under control by reaching and maintaining your optimal weight, sticking with a diet recommended by your physician, exercising regularly, and faithfully taking your high blood pressure medications as prescribed. In addition, see your doctor on a regular basis for follow-up care.  
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Question: my 8th month has started from 18 dec.i m 33yrs old.i suffer from high bp even before marriage but i was not aware of it.its my first delivery.can i deliver my baby without ceasarin. i had been taking 4 tabs for bp now doctor has advised to take 5 tabs.
Answer: Hi dear. Gestational Hypertension (high BP) develops in some women during 3rd trimester in pregnancy. You should discuss this with your doctor about delivery options. Whether it is normal or c-sec delivery, you should not worry. Just think about the well being of your baby and yourself. Things will be fine.
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Question: M 24th pregnant and m suffering from high bp. Please suggest how to control it
Answer: Hii Check with your salt when cooking. Use herbs and spices instead. Avoid junk foods which are high in sodium even if they  don’t taste salty. Follow breathing exercise. Deep relaxation techniques lowers stress levels Enjoy walking. Lowers risk of hypertension too.  Increase Potassium intake. Get some foods like banana, beans, peas, raisins etc., Eat Magnesium-Rich Foods Eat A diet low in magnesium may lead to high blood pressure .Listen to calming music,Have plenty of water.,Say no to caffeinated drink, Perform yoga and meditation. 
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Question: i m suffering from high bp n taking five tabs for it.can i deliver naturally
Answer: Even I had high BP in first pregnancy. Yet I successfully delivered normally. Don't stress. Ensure active physical lifestyle. Avoid tea and coffee. Lessen sodium intake. Drink plenty of liquid. Practice some breathing exercises and meditation. Gud luck...
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