12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i m suffering from hair fall it is may 3 month of preg pls suggest alreasy having a girl child

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Answer: It is not having any relation with girl or boy... so don't get stressed this hair fall problem is common in pregnancy..dont worry
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    Deepa Rai1024 days ago

    tell me remedy to prevent hair loss

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    Swati Tiwari1024 days ago

    Massage with luke warm coconut oil...although hair fall problem is common and it will be vanished after delivery

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Question: I m suffering from hair fall in 2 month of pregnancy....what should I have to do..pls suggest me
Answer: Hi, Hair loss after delivery is a natural process and mostly due to hormonal changes that cannot be avoided. Be extra gentle to your hair while washing or combing. Use voluminous shampoo for your hair and wash your hair only when necessary. Also, use combs with widely spaced teeth. Avoid using heat directly on your hair. It may cause irreversible damage. It is best to skip blow dryers as well as hot irons. Avoid tight hairstyles that will pull your hair and cause them to break from the root. Avoid stress. Stay calm and enjoy your time with your little one. Home remedies for hairfall after delivery include using a homemade hair pack of egg white and olive oil directly on the scalp. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight and apply the strained water directly on the scalp and leave it for an hour or two. Include yogurt in your diet and use it as a hair mask too.Drink amla juice or apply pure amla oil to strengthen hair. Application of coconut milk directly on the scalp also helps prevent hair loss. Include dry fruits and flax seeds in your diet. They are rich in omega-3 and fats and help in strengthening of hair.
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Question: Its 3 months of delivery and i m having extreme hair fall.. Pls suggest some solution to stop it.
Answer: Don't worry Take good supplements in food Hair fall after pregnancy is normal because all your body nutrients used for baby development and hormone changes Take good nutritious food Use good oil before head bath have oil massage and take head bath Garlic oil stops hair fall immeadiately Eating garlic helps in growth of hair increase in breast milk as well as weight loss Take head bath at least twice a week You will recover your hair Stress is also another factor So be relaxed All will be good
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Question: I am suffering from siver hair fall after child birth, how can i avoid hair fall
Answer: Hi dear, Post pregnancy hair fall is normal.i can understand how scary it may appear.but thats how it is.after baby turns 1 year of age,it will subside.till then eat healthy ,protein rich diet.in life biotin rich food like fish,green vegetables,dey fruits.egg is also a great source of biotin,which increases hair growth.drink plenty of water.donot comb hard.never comb when the hair is wet.use mild hair products.make sure you are also free from dandruff.check your thyroid levels too.
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