21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m suffering from cough and cold from last 3 month. What to do?

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Answer: Hi dear, cold and cough is a common during pregnancy in this weather as the weather changes these form of problems may come other then that in pregnancy a|so cold n cough use to happen because of hormonal changes . So here are few home remedies to treat cough and cold the best remedy is steam it's the most effective one. Having a steam bath can reduce cold. You can add few drops of eucalyptus oil to the bath water this will calm ur body too, or u can make an ajwain potli like u hv to dry roast ajwain and make a potli with muslin cloth so that the aroma of roasted ajwain can come. Place the potli near ur nose while sleeping this is so far the best remedy. Get well soon
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    roopavathi rupa125 days ago

    And also used karpooram oil ... Its cured ...and used in night time ... With small amount of coconut oil and get light heated then add little bit of karpooram and that karpooram is melted then apply ur head and chest side.. it will cure immediately....

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    Swati Vatts125 days ago


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Question: I m 9 month pregnant, suffering from cough and cold.. what to do?
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce cold and cough,follow these remedies,it might be helpful for you... Boil tulsi leaves with little pepper and water,reduces to half,have that water for one week,it will be more effective in reducing cough Have vapourisation with little. Tulsi leaves or Vick's,it will reduce cold and cough Drink water,soups ,milk in warm temperature.. Have milk with little pepper powder and palm sugar,best remedy for cold,can also have egg with little pepper and salt, for couple of days it will be effective Drink chicken soup it will cure cold and cough soon..
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Question: My baby is not sleeping from last night i m suffering from cough and cold what to do?
Answer: Hello ma.. Every day and night if the baby place is not comfortable.. won't sleep check it once ma.. put your lap.. the baby will deep sleep.. and put into the bed baby will wake up. So once you deep sleep your baby in lap.. slowly taken and put into the bed in one side..kept other side any pillow.. sleep with your baby . If you having cough don't kiss your baby.. don't talk near in your baby face.. for your baby safe ma.. Every time baby to sleep on bed in one side because the baby sleep in flat means . Baby will afraid and wake up suddenly . So do this method ma. I hope its useful ..if it is helpful please click the thumbs up👍 symbol. Thank you..😍
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Question: I m suffering from cold and cough since 3 days .......what should i do ...i have 6 month pregnancy ....
Answer: Hello dear. I can recommend some home remedies for u to try if those helps. 1.) During pregnancy, it’s best to consume 1 crushed, raw garlic clove with each meal. If your cold is acute, you could increase your garlic consumption to 1 crushed, raw clove per every 2-3 hours. I like to smear in raw honey for taste and added benefits. 2.) take cinammon with honey for cold 3.) ginger juice with honey for cough 4.) ginger, tulsi and cinammon tea with rock salt add thrice a day for cold and cough 5.) hot milk with a pinch of turmeric Hope this helps.
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Question: I am 3 months pregnant and suffering from cold and cough. what to do??
Answer: When you become pregnant, your immune system is likely to change.  As a result of these changes, you may contract a cold or a cough at some point during your pregnancy. In addition, your illness may last longer. 1. Make a tulsi, ginger,cloves and black pepper kadha and drink twice a day . 2. Tulsi ginger tea to soothe the throat pain. 3. Boil half a tsp of turmeric in a glass of water and drink before bed . 4. Take steam 5. Gargle with hot salty water frequently. 6. Take honey ginger juice thrice a day.
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