22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m suffering from chicken pox is my baby safe

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Answer: Hi, consult a doctor , take proper medicine, take lot of water. The actual risk of any complications occurring is low. It's rare to get chickenpox when you're pregnant.Most pregnant women who get chickenpox recover, with no harmful effects on the baby.
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Question: I m 6 month pregnant i suffering from chicken pox
Answer: Please consult doctor and take medicine for speedy healing. Because it's in the initial stages it won't affect baby. The baby won't have chicken pox. Don't worry
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Question: My baby is suffering from chicken pox .how to cure chicken pox as earlier
Answer: Hi.. chickenpox is extremely contagious, so it's very important to give your baby proper rest. maintaining hygiene when babies suffering from chickenpox is very important so always before touching baby wash your hands. child may also lose his appetite so give easy to digest food in small portions. give fruits, Shera, Kheer and add ghee to maintain calories intake. if no improvement is seen and baby is having cough or vomiting then best would be to consult your pediatrician as soon as possible.
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Question: Baby suffering from chicken pox
Answer: Hi as it needs medical help so consult doctor immediately and give medicine accordingly and maintain the diet routine properly and give plenty of fluids which helps take care
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