20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm stressed alot due to some personal problems. How this will affect my baby? I'm now in 18th week of pregnancy.

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Answer: Hey dear first of all anxiety and depression is very  common during pregnancy because of stressful lifestyle and pregnancy hormones, but yes it will affect you and your baby if it is continuous and excess in amount, because of stress anxiety and depression you may develop high blood pressure, diabitis, thyroid, constipation, acidity etc and thus your health effects your baby it can cause lbw, adhd, premature birth of the baby etc so better to stay happy and peaceful, I know it's not easy but do yoga, pranayama, walking, exersice, talk with your friend and partner about stress issue eat healthy food, drink enough fluids, avoid smoking and alcohol and if needed take help of psychiatrist or counceller. Tc👍😊
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,during pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations,sometimes one get irritated,looses temper and also get into depression.but though all are normal,but stress is not good for growing baby.indulge in hobbies that can give you happiness and relaxation.daily morning walks would keep mind relax and uplift mood.try to stay away from stress and practice br arching exercises.listwn to good music,read your favourite book to divert your mind.
Answer: Your baby is your new hope, every one on the earth will have some problem. Please keep your problems as much as away from you.. Try to be happy.
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Question: Because of personal problems i have cried like hell will it affect my baby?
Answer: Emotions overflow in pregnancy and if you are feeling better after crying, it's okay. Just don't get stressed. Non baby likes his mother crying and it has been seen that babies of mothers who cried a lit through their pregnancy are mostly colicky after birth. So for your sake and your baby's, don't cry now. Just try and be happy. It is essential to be happy & feel joyful while pregnant, as your emotional well-being directly affects baby’s neurological & psychological development. How to stay positive and happy? 1. Be yourself. No matter how bogged down you are with other thoughts, it is important to just ‘be’. Don't let trivial issues affect your mentally or physically. 2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. The more you eat right and stay fit, the more you will start developing healthy and happy thoughts. 3. Stay away from negative people. Some people and situations are often referred to as ‘toxic’ because of the way they make you feel. Hanging around with people who are pessimists and surviving in an environment that is laden with hopelessness is a huge disaster if you are pregnant. Stay away from negative words, thoughts and actions, and most importantly, people who demonstrate them.This is no time to indulge in extra stress and cause burden to your mind and heart. 4. Try to spend at least 30 minutes every day doing yoga and meditation. You will find a huge difference in the way you feel. 5. Write, click pictures, make videos. These memories recorded in text and video forms go on to become lifetime memories. Spend more time writing down the first experiences; the first kick, the first contraction, the first baby shower, etc. Shoot videos that interest you. 6. Read. Read good books that make you feel happier and motivated. 7. Take up a hobby. Being creative will keep you busy and happy. 8. Treat others kindly. You will be easily irked and emotional during few phases while you are pregnant.Understand that this is not your fault. At the same time, do not demonstrate your irritated side to those around you. Try and control your random impulses. It may be tough to do so, but treating others badly will also end up making you feel guilty and unhappy. 9. Pamper yourself. This is the perfect time to rest all your worries and indulge. Make sure you keep appointments of spa and body massage. Get that long intended body toning and pedicure rituals.Once your baby arrives, you will not be as lucky with free time as you are now.You will be amazed at the kind of pleasure and relief that comes with some beauty therapy. 10. Delegate work. Feel free to ask for help and delegate work to the people in your home. 11. Breathe. Breathing deeply rushes in powerful thoughts that result in equally promising actions. And smile :)
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Question: Due to some personal problems .I am in stress now.Will any impact of stress on baby?
Answer: hmmm, it will affect your baby. Dont take stress for happy. try to be happy always.
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Question: How to remove stress during this time...m too much stressed in my personal life due to my husband...wht to do...will this affect my baby?
Answer: Congrats for your pregnancy. All are suffering from any kind of problems...bt we should be stressed out from our problems...if we r mentally not well , of course it will affect our baby also... So we should think positively in all our situations..plz try to avoid ur stress by hearing music, or engage any other activities...and enjoy the most wonderful moment in ur life... When I became pregnant I felt very proud and also thought that IAM the happiest and luckiest women in this world...bz growing baby in our womb is the gift of god
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