20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m shifting to Hong Kong next week...i wil complete my 16th week by then..As of now i am taking iron supplements and Ecosprin.Shall i take my own stock of medicines till delivery or only for a month until i find a new dr.there in HK.

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Answer: Yeah you can take iron tablet till your delivery that's very safe and good.
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Question: it's been more than a week i am not taking my iron tablets since the tablets that was prescribed to me in bangalore and now my husband is been tranfered to andhra that too in a town ...that supplements are not available here ....before 7th of this month we'll meet a doctor here too ...till then would this be a problem...?
Answer: You can meet a good doctor now also because you are 24 weeks pregnant and in 24 weeks 1 ultrasound is indicated even you take the ultrasound in 24 hour you take it in 26 you will need to explore with help of the medication please tell the name of the medication so I can guide you better medication that were prescribed to you earlier you can simply write down the names here
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Question: My 2 years and 3 months daughter was speaking fluently till a week ago. We are at my in laws place since last week and she has started stammering since then. I am worried because she used to speak a lot and now she is saying only those things which is required. Most of the times she whispers or speak in action. Why is this happening? We will be taking her to doc once we are back in mumbai by next week.
Answer: Dear if it has happened all of a sudden then I would say please check for all possibilities. The things you are saying that she has started stammering, whispering and speaking with actions shows that she must be scared of something of someone. Please see to it or talk to her and try to understand if something is scaring or bothering her. Is she has met someone from outside the family recently. Talk to her even the doctor would do the same and no other person can do it better than a mother. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have taken sustain tablet n progesterone tablet prescribed by doctor in initial months but I have stopped it in my 5month by my own but continued taking calcium,vitamin, iron n folic tablets..now m about to complete my 8th month. I want to know that is there any side effect of stopping those medicines.
Answer: Hi. Dear these are for your better ment. In pregnancy calcium is required 1000mg to 1400mg a day, this helps in growth of babies bone and keeping your bones healthy. Iron is for maintaining hemoglobine level. As you are nurturing a babay who is dependent on you for everythinv now and also needs blood for growth if your hb level will go down there may be certain risks. Folic acid prevents baby from getting any brain or spin abnormality. So please have it. Never stop or start any medication without yohr doctors concent.
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Question: My work schedule is too hectic onve i sit on chair by 10 then i get up by 2 pm for lunch n then i again sit on chair till 6 6 30 .hardly i m able to take only 1 litre of water.is it hoing to affect my pregnancy .....i m worried and i m 5 week pregnant
Answer: Yes.definitely going to effect u r baby..u need to take some action to protect the baby
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