17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m seventeen week pragnent n I don't feel like pragnent even i don't have baby movements..

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Answer: U feel baby movements are in ur 5th month last or 6th month dont feel negative.gud luck
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Question: Though i m 15 week pragnent but i dnt feel like i m pragnent i m worried ..no symptoms left
Answer: Hi! It is too early to understand any movement of the baby, it is around 19-24 weeks when the baby starts moving and if you are referring to nausea or vomiting then please note that every pregnancy is different and so are the symptoms hence its nog neccesary to have same symptoms. Good luck!
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant...I feel like sleepy all time..don't feel like eating anything feeling boring don't even like to talk with anyone feeling lazy
Answer: Feeling of fatigue is very common especially in the first trimester. Don’t worry, hormonal changes make you feel really sleepy, as your body is producing more blood to supply nutrients to your baby. I took a month off from office to give in to the demands of my sleeping needs :)
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Question: in 4month how can i feel that my baby is fit n fine because at this time I don't feel baby's movements. M 4 month pragnent
Answer: Hello dear. At 4 month u will feel baby above pelvic bone. Moving continuously but is so small that u can`t feel it. Jst wait for it. By the end of 5th month u will feel butterflies in lower tummy.
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