Question: I m running 3 nd half month,kis month mai baby first tim move krta h..?

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Answer: In your end of 5th and start or mid of 6th's like more movement and very cute playfulness inside
Answer: hello! first pregnancy mein baby ki movements 25 weeks tak feel honi start hoti hain dear.
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    Question: 16 week m baby move krta h yaa nhi
    Answer: movements strt from 19 -25 week.. but some women experience it early also..
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    Question: mere baby 2 nd half month ka h...4green days se potty krta h...its normal???
    Answer: If your baby is exclusively breastfed, her poop will be yellow or slightly green and have a mushy or creamy consistency. It may be runny enough to resemble diarrhea. There are many shades of normal when it comes to breastfed poop. One you might see is a greener hue, which could signify that you ate something different than you normally do. If your baby isn't experiencing any other symptoms, there's no need to worry. If you see bright green and frothy poop in your baby's diaper, almost like algae, she's probably getting too much foremilk – the low-calorie milk that comes first in a feeding – and not enough hindmilk, the higher-fat, super-nutritious stuff. It could mean that you're not feeding her long enough on each breast. To remedy this, start each feeding on the breast you ended on.
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    Question: mayra 8th month running h...jub baby move krta to halka sa pain hota h any one suggest me plz .???
    Answer: it's normal but if pain persist then consult to doctor
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