35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 35weeks pregnant women... I want to get normal delivery... plz advice me something what to do...

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Answer: You will dear..just dont take stress...if you have no complications you will be able to undergo normal delivery..maintain your blood pressure.. keep your mood good enough and everything will be fine.
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Question: I want normal delivery plz suggest me what can I do for normal delivery
Answer: you should follow these tips 1. Stay away from stress: It is normal to feel stressful during pregnancy. But try to stay away from stress, anxiety, and random thoughts, because negative emotions can turn the process of childbirth into a nightmare. 2.Stay positive and refrain from negative birth stories: You may come across both easy and difficult childbirth stories. Listening to negative stories would make you more nervous and anxious, and may result in a panic-attack. 3.Walking and swimming: Both are highly recommended exercises for pregnant women. 4.Practice right breathing exercises: Breathing is something you don’t even notice. But it is the one thing that can make the whole labor process easier, negating the need for a C-section. 5.Try not to put on excess weight: Yes, it is important to achieve a decent amount of weight during pregnancy, but you don’t need to pile on the pounds. Overweight women can have problems during labor and may end up with a C-section.
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Question: I'm pregnant. I want normal delivery, plz advice me some tips for it.
Answer: Hello dear. Here are a few tips of normal delivery Take childbirth education classes Convey your desire of having a normal birth Keep a healthy diet Exercise regularly Let the baby choose the due date Sleep adequately. All the best.
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Question: I m 14 weeks pregnant. I want to know what should do for a normal delivery?
Answer: Staying physically active throughout pregnancy by doing some exercises like walking, yoga or pilates will help keep your muscles flexible and strong to help ease the labour pain...
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