8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii I'm 7weeks pregnant what to eat or what not??

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Answer: ur diet should include one egg daily , soaked almond as a handy snack, nariyal pani in between breakfast and lunch, must include dahi in afternoon meal , Dal , saag, veggies,fresh seasonal fruits, and milk post dinner. few don't includes papaya, pineapple, khathal. though doctor's don't say no to these,but are best avoided becoz of the age old things passed on. drink as much water as u can as it helps in nutrition absorption. tip : have a banana when u wake up, gives u that instant energy and helps avoid morning sickness
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    Puja Das1386 days ago

    also avoid packaged food and drinks, no juices as well. have fresh fruits. most important to avoid ajinomoto in Chinese foods. all gynaecologist suggest to avoid ajinomoto.

Answer: soaked almonds.5-6 daily...1 soaked walnuts kha sakte ho...but dr. se jaroor pooch lena...iron rich food khao bcz is time mostly HB kam.hota hai...jo dil krta hai woh khao..avoid junk food bcz it cause heartburn...acidity....daily juice lo....ek.hi baar pate bhr k mat khao...2 hrs mein thora thora khaate raho...
Answer: u can eat anything except papaya, pineapple and grapes.
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    Swati Gupta1386 days ago

    Brinjal as well

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