9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 8week 6days pregnant. Scan la 6weeks 2days visible.

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Answer: Happens sometimes if it's a late conception.. consult your doctor..she may prescribe some hormones and tablets that will increase the nutrients to the foetus thereby helping in growth
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    Banita Nayak94 days ago

    Same here

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Question: I m 8week 2days pregnant..can i eat pomegranate???
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can consume pomegranate juice or fruit. However not suggested everyday. Consuming pomegranate fruit or juice may be beneficial during pregnancy, avoid taking pomegranate extract as it may contain the rind, which can bring on contractions and early labor. Pomegranate juice can be high in calories, so consume it only in moderation. You can also check with your gynecologist before consuming. Take care.
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Question: Scan la not visible. Blood test confirm panamudiuma. Blood test la 64820
Answer: hello dear... yes blood test confirm ur pregnancy accurately.. and ur beta hcg test results says..ur in the 1st trimester...no to worry about it..sometimes scan test takes more time to visible..thank u dear
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Question: Hi today i went for scan crl is 1.8mm is this normal i m now 6weeks 2days
Answer: Hi dear, I think you meant 1.8 cm or 18 mm.as 1.8 mm is too small.
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Question: Hello mam I m 8week pregnant...but heartbeat is not seen in ultrasound....&visible 2sac in ultrasound.what i can do....
Answer: Hello dear. It is not good sign as ideally by 8 weeks it should be visible. You can wait for another 2 weeks and repeat the scan and ideally by then it has to be present otherwise gynae may term it as miscarriage. Hope it helps.
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