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Question: I m 22weeks pregnant my BP is 90/60 is it normal?

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Question: I m 22weeks pregnant my BP is 90/60 is it normal??
Answer: It's bit of lower side, try eating every hour and drink enough water.
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Question: Hi i m 7 months pragnent my bp is 90/60 is it normal?
Answer: hello dear you are 7 months pregnant normal BP should be 120/ 80 . what your BP level is 90/60its low .Dear some womens have high bp nd some have low.. try these remedies for low blood pressure.. Take plenty of water..juicess.. coconut water..buttermilk... Take Extra salt in ur salt.. ..Take fresh fruits as apple ..Banana.watermelon...chikkoo.pear..strawberries... Take 1 cup cofee when u feel more bp low. Take Ors ..it ll help u in increasing blood pressure Go 4 walk daily...for 15 to 30 min.Take sweet things such as sponch rasgulla it s very benifical in.low bp...if u r diabetic then avoid it...
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Question: My BP is 90/60... Is it normal or not?
Answer: Low BP. It can lead to dizziness. Increase salt intake in food. It will stabilize BP and make it normal.
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