25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 23weeks pregnant I feel baby movements but I'm suffering from vaginal pain and lower stomach pain when I turn around sides it comes I'm so worried what's the reason plzz tell me

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Answer: It's normal, nothing to worry. But if the pain increases u must consult ur doc.
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Question: Hi I'm suffering from lower abdominal pain and vaginal pain when I sleep and turn it comes what's reason plzzzz tell me
Answer: It's because of relaxin hormone that relaxes the pelvic muscles that causes round ligament pain. It's totally normal as u ll cum near ur delivery it' might b increased. Do ur movements very carefully and slowly.. hope it helps
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Question: Hi I'm 6months pregnant I'm suffering from vaginal pain when I turn around sides it comes why any problem my baby and me please tell me
Answer: Hello, there can be various reason for vaginal pain during pregnancy 1. Can be caused by cervix dilation. When the cervix begins to dilate in preparation for birth, it can create sharp vaginal pain during pregnancy. 2. growth of foetus 3. infection 4. enlargement of uterus 5. hormonal changes there are various methods to get relief from the vaginal pain you can just like on your left side will improve blood circulation and get relief from the vaginal pain . 5. you can keep your legs elevated you will get relief from vaginal pressure 6. you can take warmbaths and do swimming yoga which will help in reducing vaginal pain 7. you can do pelvic massage with the trained professional which will reduce your pain . I hope this helps .
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Question: Today morning white milky discharge ayindi 2days ninchi naaku stomach below sharp pain it comes when I turn sides am so confused worried why this happening I'm so worried tell me reason plzz
Answer: I do not worry getting white discharge during any time of pregnancy is considered to be normal it is called as leuckhoreea therefore don't worry if the distance just smiley are very thick then it indicates infection in that case you should maintain a very good hygiene you should watch that area frequently 3 to 4 times in a day you should always keep the DB otherwise I forget from front to back position you should wear only cotton UG this should I will be there is itching you should apply coconut oil which fruits help you
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