19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 4 mnths pregnant...following 5th mnth...i dunt go for any medication instead i opt fr a healthy diet....do i still need to tk medicine

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Answer: Dear you need to take iron supplements and gradually increase dose. Also I need to add calcium to your medicine. Irrespective of the diet you will need to add them because in pregnancy you undergo dilutional anaemia, if u don't take iron, your haemoglobin will go down drastically, No diet can help you with that. Calcium u need to take for your health. Baby will consume your body calcium for its development, you need to take calcium to maintain your body calcium level. These two supplements you will need to take till 6 months post delivery. In 4th month, you need to take folic acid as well for proper development of child
Answer: Iron, calcium and folic are not medicines. They are considered as suppliments. During pregnancy, our body needs more of these elements than usual, which may not be obtained from our diet. Hb (iron) level may go down as you progress during pregnancy. Baby may take calcium from your body for the development of its bones and nails. So, while you have to take a healthy diet, it is also recommended to take these suppliments as prescribed by the doctor. Take care!
Answer: Yes u need to continue taking folic acid, calcium n iron supplement to ensure proper growth of ur baby without any defects
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