39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 37weeks pregnant but no signs of labor are seen... what can I do???

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Answer: Dont worry sometimes due date has also passed but labour pain does not happen its normal. Very few delivery happen on their due date. Wait for some weeks. Your doctor will wait for some weeks also and may be she induce labour.
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Question: I'm 41 weeks pregnant and still have no signs of labor.. Please tell me what I'm to do.. :(
Answer: you have already crossed your 40 weeks of pregnancy so it is not a good to wait for any longer and I would suggest you to visit your doctor as soon as possible there your doctor will get admitted and will induce artificial pains to trigger labour. keeping baby in womb even after completion of 40 weeks can prove harmful or dangerous for your baby so please avoid doing it and visit your doctor.
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Question: My due date is 23 may and 37weeks pregnant .but there are no signs of labor.. Please help me out
Answer: Hi Consult your doctor for suggestions ok..if you will not get labor pain then you have to go for c section only ok..it will be decide by your doctor ok..if your baby position will favoiur for labour then the doctor will induce labour pain ok .
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Question: I'm 39 weeks pregnant but no sign of labor pain I'm in so much tension what can I do to induce labor and is it normal to not having any signs of labor pain in 39 Weeks
Answer: Hi it is quite normal these days that there is no sign of labor, i dint get my pain even after 40 weeks. So go for infucing labor by gel and other methods and check baby movement all the time.
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