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Question: I'm 19weeks pregnant.. But my tummy is too small.. Plz what is d problem .. Any suggestions

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Answer: Dear no need to worry as I was also worried about my tummy size when I was 19,20 weeks pregnant . My tummy started growing at the end of 7th month. Dr said its completely normal.just check your baby's growth and weight in your next sonography. U will definitely feel relaxed. Just stay happy n eat healthy. 😊
Answer: Jroori ni hota ke tummy yaada ho mera kudh ka tommy 7th mein nikla tha .. its not problm
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Question: I'm 6th month pregnant.. But my tummy is small... y... Is there any problem to me nduku my baby
Answer: Hello congrats, no nothing like tat . Only by 7 -8 mnth ur belly will be big. Don't worry about anything. Don't think negative . Just enjoy ur pregnancy as it is
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Question: I'm 19weeks pregnant. My stomach is too small
Answer: Hello dear. At this stage stomach is small. Ideally it starts getting bigger gradually after 20 weeks that is the ending of 5th month. Hope it helps.
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Question: My stomach is too small. I'm 19weeks pregnant
Answer: Hi You are just 19 weeka and in this stage fetus ll be too small and stomach starts to show change in size only from mid of 2nd trimester
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