4 years old baby

Question: I m pregnant but after delivery faced difficulties in breastfeeding in first child I m afraid in second also

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Question: My first delivery was C section. Is there any possibilities for normal delivery in second child
Answer: Hi dear, Normal and c sec are all last minute circumstances which includes baby weight , cord looping, dilation, head diameter of baby and position of baby. So after 2-3 years there can be chances of normal too.
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Question: I have first delivery in C-section if any possible for normal delivery for second child
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy vaginal birth after C section is possible but you need to take care of some things such as the reason you opted for C section secondaries your energy third point is the shape of your stitches anaesthetist and operation theatre should be ready If in case you need emergency surgery discuss with your doctor all this. Points and if it is comfortable for both of you you can opt for vaginal birth good luck
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Question: I m pregnant with my second child. First was caesaria can I have normal delivery now
Answer: Hello, Dear the second delivery depends on your previous scar thickness. If the scar thickness is good and baby's position is best for normal delivery then it's compeletly possible.
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