5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hii I'm one month pregnant.. I have a puppy.. nowadays I am feeling so nauseous smelling her odour and also feel like vomiting.. her hair is found here and there, around dinning table also.. please give me suggestions how can I manage this situation. is puppy hair bad for pregnant women.. how to stop feeling nauseous

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Question: I'm 7 weeks pregnant but suddenly from yesterday I'm not feeling any vomiting and all and also not feeling tired... feeling well... even no issue about bad smell... I just want to ask is it ok? is this natural?
Answer: Hello, Yes dear ! Its completely fine.. it does happen sometimes in Pregnancy that all of a sudden you are completely fine and normal and more energetic but it's just your hormone playing.. so don't worry and just relax and enjoy..
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Question: Hi i am 9 weejs pregnant and from last 2 days days i can't digest anything , even water..i vomit 4-5 times a day .. please give some suggestions on how to stop this situation
Answer: Hi morning sickness or nausea may stay for up to 4 the month . Following are a few remedies to help you fight nausea. Have a banana or an apple the first thing in the morning like as soon as you open your eyes it would help you with nausea as well digestion. . A full stomach can trigger nausea so have small but frequent meals . Skip spicy,acidic or fried food as it may trigger nausea . Have ginger lemon or ginger Tulsi green tea it helps to supress nausea . Take proper rest stress can make nausea worse . Chew on some mint or Tulsi leaves it would help you freshen your breathe after vomit . Try aromatherapy Add a few drops of peppermint oil or lemon balm oil And inhale with deep breath it would help keep nausea at bay . Get fresh air . Go for a morning walk not only physical activity I'd food for you during pregnancy but fresh air and oxygen would also supress nausea
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Question: My baby is vomiting in to her nose also and feel defficalty in breathing .how to manage this situation
Answer: Hello dear Babies get reflux because the muscular valve at the end of the food pipe, which keeps food in the stomach, is still developing. This means that when your baby's tummy is full, food and stomach acid can flow back up his food pipe. Remedies for acid reflux : Burp ur baby when u change ur baby position from left to right Avoid overfeeding Hold ur baby for atleast 30 minutes. Do not lie ur baby down after every feed
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