31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm on 30 week and not able to feel any movements of baby.. last month got severe oligohydramnios.. the water level is near 5-7 now. what should I do.. also if someone could suggest belly size..

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Answer: increase your fluid intake, have water at every 1hour also include fruit juices, shakes , coconut water etc. Refrain from caffeine as it causes dehydration.
Answer: Thnks
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Question: Accidently hot boiled got poured on my belly yesterday, now i can see 2 boils on belly. Wanted to know if baby is safe. Also any corrective action to be taken now like usg, etc Thank you
Answer: Hi Ya please do a check up with gyanocologist as your immune level ll be low now..and also medication should be taken for anti fungal infection...apply gingelly oil on boils...do take medication consulting with doctor else sometimes it may cause pus...which is not safe
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Question: Hi guys. Am 30 weeks pregnant. From last night to now i can feel the baby movements more on right side.. its little painful also. All normal na ?
Answer: I advice you to visit doctor for check up as painful movements sometimes is a symptom of reduced amniotic fluid. Just go to be sure that everything is fine.
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Question: Hiii.. im now 7 months pregnant. In my week 30.i can feel my baby movements very slow than before. Can someone please suggest to know if my baby is doing good inside. Please suggest.
Answer: S Everything is normal Bcoz day by day baby grows so the space is not more to do movements
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