6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m on my 6 week of preg my dctr only given me only 1 tab i.e vitagreat(mecobalamin, L-mythylfolate calcium n pyridoxal-5-phosphate tab) n 1 protein powder. Doctor didn't advice any folic acid why??

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Answer: Hi.. Folic acid is essential for the brain and spinal development... And it has to be continued up to 12weeks of pregnancy... That's the time when spine and brain development is max... U can consult your gynacologist about the same... You can have green leafy vegetables Diary products like milk paneer cheese Pulses Broccoli Brown breast Yeast products If non vegetarian you can also eat salmon fish... All these have high folic acid content
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Question: IDOCAL(Calcium Citrate,Vitamin D3,Magnesium,Zinc,Iodine, Selenium and Vitamin K2-7 Tables) ZELFOL-AD(L-Mythel Folet, Methylcobalamin,Pyridoxal 5 phosphate, L- Arginine DHA Softgel Capsules) HBLOY PLUS(Ferrous Asparto- Glycolate, L-Methylfolate & Mecobalamin With Focus ate Sodium Capsules.) Plz tell me what are these medicine & when to take. These r prescribed by my gynaecologist.
Answer: These are calcium iron and folic acid tablets. Very necessary for you and growth of baby. Take Hbloy and Zelfol In Morning and idocal at night.. after eating something
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Question: My legs are paining.. feeling weakness .. taking iron n folic acid tablet.. doctor prescribed protein powder 15 days before but i didn't take till now.. should i take protein powder?
Answer: you said you can definitely take protein powder as a doctor has asked. protein powder and completely safe and helps in babies growth. should go for it it's nothing to be worried about.
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Question: My doctor as given me only folic acid tab....so for calcium intake ...wat shall I eat ..for bone development.
Answer: Have at least 500 ml milk, have milk product like paneer, curd, chees etc . Dates and lotus seed are also good source of calcium. But have dont have dates more than 3-4 pieces.
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