39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m on my 39week pregnancy what exercise is good for normal delivery

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Answer: Hi, as the delivery date is just few days away so you should only walk at this time as maintaining balance is also tough. All the best!
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Question: Which exercise is good for normal delivery
Answer: Dear exercises like squats, kegels, pelvic stretch, butterflies, prenatal yoga and walking helps in preparing your body for normal delievery. However make sure to learn these from certified trainer. Normal delivery depends on too many factor which cannot be predicted earlier. Like baby is engaged in time, cervix is dilated enough for the labor to start, amnuitic fluid level is apt as per the pregnancy. If all goes well you can have a normal delievry. Trust me it is based on my personal experience I ate healthy, was not overweight, no complications in pregnancy, absolutely healthy pregnancy I had and did all the exercises told by my gynae however my baby did mnot take the head down position and my cervix did not get dilated enough and my fluid level went extremely low. So just focus on your health and everything else leave it on god. Hope i helped.
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Question: Which exercise good during pregnancy for normal delivery
Answer: Hi! Being active is good in pregnancy but not exerting your self means if you want you can walk or if you do nt hv any medical condition or if the Dr. has asksd you to not walk then dont, otherwise walking in the morning and evening is good fr everyone and has no harm but beneficial, it helps in keeping your BP in check your lower portion of body remains active, helps in back pain , good bowel movement etc.. and if you want to exercise on a daily basis you can do that under guidance means under a certified trainer who can help you with a lot of breathing exercises and yogas which can help u in normal delivery.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My 6th month is on.....what should I do for normal delivery. ......any tips or exercise
Answer: you should follow these tips 1. Stay away from stress: It is normal to feel stressful during pregnancy. But try to stay away from stress, anxiety, and random thoughts, because negative emotions can turn the process of childbirth into a nightmare. 2.Stay positive and refrain from negative birth stories: You may come across both easy and difficult childbirth stories. Listening to negative stories would make you more nervous and anxious, and may result in a panic-attack. 3.Walking and swimming: Both are highly recommended exercises for pregnant women. 4.Practice right breathing exercises: Breathing is something you don’t even notice. But it is the one thing that can make the whole labor process easier, negating the need for a C-section. 5.Try not to put on excess weight: Yes, it is important to achieve a decent amount of weight during pregnancy, but you don’t need to pile on the pounds. Overweight women can have problems during labor and may end up with a C-section.
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