17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 16weeks of pregnent. Recently its paining when i m passing urine. Is it a serious problem?

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Answer: It is urine infection.drink more water and take freshly prepared juices u get relief
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Question: My upper abdomen is paining, its paining when i touch it, is there any problem?
Answer: It seems you have gastric problems.. ask your doctor wat meds you can take
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Question: Hi i am 6 months pregnant, when i am passing urine its paining. If any solution pls advise me
Answer: Drink plenty of water, if it doesn't reduce check with doctor as there are possibilities of urine infection
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Question: hello when I passing my urine it's bad smell and urine colour Is dark like reddish it is normal or any problem i am scared m 12weeks pregnant
Answer: Hello dear congratulations for pregnancy dear. Smell in urine indicate Urine infection. Some medicines are also reason of smelly urine. If you have burning sensation and itching in your vagina then it is infection. Other wise no need to worry. Drink lots of water.
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Question: I m 35 weeks pregnant my due date is 27 may 2018 but today morning 1 blood drop when passing urine is it serious
Answer: 1 drop is not an serious issue. If u find more bleeding then rush to the hospital
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