37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm now 36 weeks pregnant I have taken iron tablet at 11.30am again now mistakenly I take one.more iron tablet after having my lunch is it ok.or any problem.pls help me.

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Answer: At 3.30pm.I took one more iron tablet in 4 hours gap is it ok or any problem
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Question: I take my calcium tablet after lunch and iron tablet at night..is it ok or any changes required..?
Answer: No change you continue one time ask your doctor consolidate.
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Question: Dctr suggested me to take iron tablet after the lunch n calcium tablet after dinner.... Yesterday night I took calcium tablet now I should have been taken iron tablet i forgot n took calcium tablet again..... Is it safe? I'm worried pls answer
Answer: Hello! It is fine if you have taken calcium at lunch, then don't take any more calcium at night after dinner. Also do take the iron tablet after 15 minutes.
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Question: Today morning i have taken calcium tablet and night instead of irin tablet i have taken again calcium tablet...vl there be any problem...can i take iron tablet now...plz suggest.
Answer: Iron gets better absorbed by the body in an empty stomach but taking iron supplements in the empty stomach might lead to stomach upset so it is advisable take iron tablets in the Morning after breakfast along with a citrus juice. Calcium hinders the absorption of iron . Hence it is recommended not to take iron tablets with calcium rich foods like milk,curd etc . Calcium supplements can be taken at night . As for your other query , it is just a supplement tablet and nothing to worry since you had taken the same again. But be careful from next time .
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