37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 36weeks now. Last Monday I visit doc. Doc said baby head down but not floating. Is there any problem. I'm worried.

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Answer: No it's normal dear jst do some exercises for normal delivery
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Question: I'm 38 week now, but doc said baby has not yet engaged but head has been down. Is there any possible technics i can try to do so? Thanks in advance.
Answer: Hello, It's absolutely ok if the baby is not engaged at this stage . It's pretty normal. And there is no way you can do anything in this .. As in such case external force or any technique will be of any use. It's just wait n watch game Relax n Enjoy ...
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Question: In my 32 week scan doctor said my is breech position .. Is there any problem and when the baby's head will come down .. I m worried now
Answer: Hi Dont worry its normal ok if you have any complications then the doctor will let you know about that ok .breech birth is when a baby is born bottom first instead of head first. Most babies in the breech position are born by a caesarian section  because it is seen as safer than being born vaginally.
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Question: ma baby head is in down. Is there any problem?
Answer: Head down position during 35 to 36 week is quite natural and normal. There is no problem at all. This position will help in delivery the right way
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