30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm now in 30th week of pregnancy, As per the scsn report doctor said water level is decreasing. can u suggest which food increase Water level.

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Answer: You have not mentioned your amniotic fluid index but for this you need to take at least 3 litres of water everyday include buttermilk juices coconut water etc You should consume waterbase vegetables like bottle gourd cucumber etc Take rest whenever possible in left lateral position You can also talk to your doctor about l-arginine granules to increase the fluid. The AFI keeps on reducing as pregnancy grows so monitor daily fetal kick count and follow up ur doctor regularly.
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    Hi DR.Rinky, thanks for ur answer.My water level 8.6. Plz answer.

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Question: How to increase water level in pregnancy doctor said i have low water level so
Answer: Hello dear... The Amniotic fluid is a protective liquid contains amniotic sac by the gravid amnion, The normal value for amniotic index will be 8-18cm,it is essential to maintain normal amniotic value for smooth and safety deivery. Tips for increasing Amniotic fluid are as follows... Stay hydrated It is essential to drink ten to twelve glasses of water,sothat it helps in stable amniotic fluid,can include fresh juice, Buttermilk,soups. Coconut water Start drinking coconut water regularly will help a lot,it is a safe drink,that you can drink during pregnancy,it contains potassium, magnesium,protein,good source of dietary fibre and vitamin c, drinking coconut water in pregnancy,helps to meet increased blood supply, maintain amniotic level and also helps fetal circulation, drinking coconut water in a part of your diet,will possess lot of health benefits Take water rich vegetables To increase amniotic value,can include water rich vegetables like raddish ,cucumber,celery, cauliflower, pumpkin,Amla,and fruits like orange, watermelon, muskmelon will help to retain water content in body Rest in left side Whenever you lie down For rest,it is advisable to lie on left side,this increases blood flow to uterus,and it also maintain the fluid level Light exercises If your doctor not advise for bedrest,you can do simple exercises ,aim for 30 to 45 min,so that it helps in increasing fluid level,and also produce ambious flow of blood to uterus
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Question: Hi, 26 week of pregnant,water level is lower as per the report mandatory level by count of 2..is this worried ??
Answer: Hi! Amniotic Fluid Index or AFI is considered to be normal at 8-18. Medium AFI level is approximately 14 from week 20-35. After that it keeps reducing and prepare for birth however if its 5/6 its less, please continue to have; ots of fluids- tender coconut/buttermilk Cucumber/bottle gourd/ bed rest - all these help in afi increase. Your Doctor may prescribe soms sachet to havd with water, please be happy, stress is not going to help. Good luck!
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Question: Hi im in 36th week after growth scan found water level is decreasing,kindly suggest or help me to increase the water level
Answer: Drink more water and add more fluids like juice in your diet, eat fruits Wich contains more water level
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