11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm not getting sleep at night time

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Answer: Hi dear, some tips: 1 Elevate your feet when sleeping. 2 Try taking a hot shower or bath before sleep 3 start low impact exercises like walk so that ur tired may be u feel sleepy than 4 play soft music on ur phn while sleeping.
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    Sonia Rocky1133 days ago

    Thank u so much.....

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Question: I'm not getting sleep in the night time
Answer: With so many physical and emotional changes happening, it's no surprise that 8 out of 10 women have sleep problems during pregnancy.  Try new sleeping positions.Prepare yourself for bedtime by taking a warm bath or receiving a nice massage.Set up your room for a comfortable sleep setting. Try changing your thermostat to a comfortable temperature and playing some relaxing or natural sounds that can help make you sleepy.Try relaxation techniques, such as the ones you may have learned in a childbirth class.If you still cannot fall asleep, you may consider getting up. You can try reading a book, eating a small snack, or drinking some warm milk.Exercise regularly during the day.If you have the opportunity to sleep during the day, you should take it. However, long naps may interfere with your sleeping schedule at night.
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Question: Im not getting sleep at night time ,can i sleep in day time
Answer: Hi dear surely u can sleep at day also. these are regular issue during pregnancy. U can follow below steps to have a good sleep. Daily exercise  can also help promote more restful sleep, so — no matter what’s keeping you up — try to get 30 minutes of walking or swimming in a day.Aching back Putting a pillow between your legs while you sleep can ease the pressure.Leg cramps Elevate your legs as much as you can during the day while you’re sitting. Even better: Ask your partner for a calf massage. After all, the better you sleep, the better he’ll sleep. Eat light food at night and try to have dinner 2 hours before sleeping. Avoid gassy foods. Eat fresh fruit and vegetable.  
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Question: My baby ia not getting sleep at night time
Answer: Hi dear, My son is also have same issue and sleeps about 10-12 hours a night. I think some things that have worked well for us are: - white noise (you can get an app too) - consistent routine (bath, lotion, pj's, book, feed in her room, bed) - having a calming persona/vibe when it's bed time (lower voice, dim lights, calming conversation) - upping her night time feeding (I breastfeed and give a 6oz formula bottle. To each his own) - going to bed relatively soon after her last nap (5 or 6 pm nap then start bedtime around 7 or 730.) Hope this helps!!
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