2 months old baby

Question: i m mother of six years old boy and 2 months old girl ...my son has infection ...can i give breastmilk to him or not ,..plz rply asap

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Answer: Hello.. yes,you can give,he too will gain all immunity needed for his betterment of his health
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Question: My son 1 year and 2 months old ,how can i give pomegranate juice to him directly or cook
Answer: You need not to cook juices. Simple make juices and feed with spoon or cup as you baby is comfortable.
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Question: My baby boy is six months old.. Can you give me diet chat for him
Answer: Hi dear. A 6 month old baby should only be fed solids once a day.. Start with banana puree. Give it to your baby every morning for continuous 3 days. Then you can gradually switch to apple puree. Make sure you give solids only once and the rest of the time should be breastfeeding. Take care.
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Question: Hello mam,i m the mother of 2 month old girl can i give water
Answer: Hi...No No No...u should not give anything even water until she completes 6 months...only breastfeeding should be given
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