24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 23 months pregnant.start having pain in pelvic muscles since few days.plz tell me is it normal?

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Question: I m having pelvic pain is it normal in ending of 1st trimester. Plz help me
Answer: Hi dear,slight pain in lower stomach is normal  as uterus is already expanding and making space for your growing baby. ... Although cramps are normal during pregnancy. But if pain increases and you feel some bleeding  please consult to your doctor. You can follow below tips to get relief and avoid  pain:- #take rest #you can take warm bath #do some exercises regularly to avoid abdomen pain but don't do exercises laying on your back,it may decrease blood flow to your developing baby #empty you bladder regularly #Drink lots of water
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Question: Hello am 33 week pregnant I have pain in pelvic muscles plz tell me any remedy
Answer: Hi it is normal as the baby grows the uterus size increases and the pressure of uterus comes on your pelvic region and due to which the pain occurs.And it's normal no need to worry about it maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated it will help take care
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Question: I m having sharp pain in pelvic area since morning.. Is it normal ?
Answer: Hello dear, sometimes abdominal cramps in early weeks of pregnancy occurs due to the expansion of the uterus... These pains are common during pregnancy... and there's nothing to worry about..
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