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Question: I'm 4 months pregnant. My tummy has been reduced by 2 inches. Will it have any effect on baby?

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Question: I have eaten few sesame seeds by mistake, will it cause any bad effect on my 4 weeks baby
Answer: No.. it's fine.. don't worry.. I had til laddoos in initial weeks.. now onwards you can track your diet.
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Question: I'm 5 months pregnant. My belly has been reduced by 2 inches. Will it have any effect on baby?
Answer: Hello, Dear it's completely normal sometime during pregnancy you can feel your belly bit lite and reduced to bit inches. Happens to me also. It actually happens when baby change its position. So there is no need to worry.. In your next visit to your doctor you can ask her also.. it's completely normal and safe.. Take care
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Question: Hi...i had delivered baby through normal... it has been 2 months and 16 days now.....if i use tummy tucking belt now will it have effect.
Answer: Hi,it will be affected you can wear this belt till 6 month post delivery.you should also try this Have adequate water Have fibrrous food like green veggies and carrots Avoid fried and oily food Never skip your meals Also breast feeding nis p.swcret and key to.loose weight. This tips will also help
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