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Question: I m 6 months pregnant. ..itz My first baby ......bt m not able to feel d proper baby's movement. ..hw cn i feel? ...

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Answer: For 6 months baby's movement won't be very strong and u may not be able to feel it while working. U may put urself rest on bed.. Give smooth touch to ur tummy and listen to the response... Still then if u r not able to feel any movements u gotta go for scan to check his/her adequate movements
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Question: Now I m 21week pregnant bt not able to feel any movement.. Is it normal
Answer: Hello The best way to feel your baby move is by lying on ur left side as dis position helps in supplying more blood flow to your uterus wch is y u feel more at ease. The liver is places more on the right so sleeping on the left gives more room for ur baby to move. You can also eat some thing sweet or drink 1 or 2 glasses of cold water. With these tricks u will definately feel ur baby move. Hope I helped
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Question: I m 19 week pregnant.. Bt I m not able to feel the movement... My placenta position is anterior...
Answer: Dear Do not worry you will feel baby from week 19th or weak 20th usually feeling baby early is very rare because your baby is very small and the placental covering and amniotic fluid covering a baby is large so even though your baby is moving inside but you won't feel the movements because babies do not move the way we move they have just a little flickering movement suggest butterfly fluttering or little gas Bubbles popping a slight hand movements that go unnoticed because we are busy at work For your weight eat lot of fruits and cruciferous vegetables. Your baby should weight around 300-360 gms so do not worry once your baby grows in a size nearing 24 week you will be able to catch hold of his movements more than 20 times a day if you are doubtful or if you are facing a lot of cramping abdominal pain are also seeing blood spotting then I will advise you to see your gynecologist and get an ultrasound done as you are already do for one on 24th week she will help and understand you if the baby is absolutely doing fine. do not worry
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Question: I m not been able to feel my baby's movement properly from 2day .what to do
Answer: Please consult your gynecologist as soon as possible 2 days no movements is a big problem please go to doctor and get it checked or try getting scan done as soon as possible to know baby well being inside you. Please mark helpful if u like my answer thank you
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