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Question: I'm 7 months pregnant......I went for scan today......Doctor told that water level is high.....AFI value is 25 cm..... Doctor told to take sugar test.....Does having AFI value 25 cm is a big problem ah? I'm much worried.

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Answer: Hi dear, common causes of excess amniotic fluid include gestational diabetes, fetal anomalies with disturbed fetal swallowing of amniotic fluid, fetal infections and other, rarer causes. You can't do anything only doctor can guide you better. Follow doctor's instructions.. You must avoid sugar and sweet food and fruit like banana.  In some cases, a drug might be prescribed to reduce the amount of urine the baby passes. If you have severe polyhydramnios, you may need some of the amniotic fluid to be drained off to reduce the risk of premature labour or problems with the placenta.
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Question: Hi.. Today I found that my sugar level is high. Doctor asked me to take a glucose test tmrw in the empty stomach.. Is that something to worried??
Answer: Nothing big to worry, many face such issue. Your doctor will prescribe sugar control medicines after blood test. Follow that as prescribed by doctor, so that sugar level is controlled. But ensure that your blood sugar is on controll to avoid abnormality in baby growth.
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Question: Hi dr today my doctor told me that my aptt level is some high .what is aptt test .my aptt value is 45.0 is it ok
Answer: hi dear! its activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT or APTT) is a blood test that characterizes coagulation of the blood. usually the values are 30-40sec dear and yours seems to be a little high which means that you can easily bleed dear and your clotting system takes about 45sec to form clots dear. you will need medications dear as if your going to not clot then there will be a problem dear. also you might have to check for any liver diseases dear and see for vitamin k . take care dear.
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Question: Hi... today went to 7 th month scan.. doctor told water level is in border level..and they give L argenine powder to drink ...pls tell me home remedies to increase water level
Answer: Drink coconut water this helps to increase the water level and dont worry everything with be fine.
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