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Question: I m 6 months pregnant and i have a chocolate cyst in my right ovary itseems doctor told me it wont affect baby and suggested me duphaston tablet 10mg is it safe to use this tablet in 6 months . pls answer me

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Answer: Hello! Yes, your doctor is right, the cyst won't affect the baby and you can use Dhuphaston, it is absolutely safe for the baby and you also. Take care
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    Sagana Gandi707 days ago

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Answer: I m also suggested with both iron tonic and tablets as well is it good to take both my hemoglobin is 9.2
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Question: I was 7weeks pregnant, I got chocolate cyst in my right ovary in size7cm, it affects me and my baby
Answer: pain in breast with swelling should be seen by your doctor as it can be a sign of infection which happends due to duct block you should not worry because severeity can be only checked by your dr once you visit for a checkup antibiotics are usually the best way to treat an mastitis or mammary gland block if you feel heaviness and pain then see your doctor as we can prevent it from getting inflamed further
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Question: I have 30mmx20mm chocolate cyst in my right ovary and peripheral cysts in left ovary. I am on medication i.e. Normoz tablet twice a day. Doctor said she can do nothing about the chocolate cyst and can only partially cure peripheral cyts. Chocolate cyst can affect my fertility. Please help me doctor.
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Question: Hi doctor i have cyst in right ovary...is this affect my pregnancy in future.bcz am after 6 years i got conceived
Answer: Hi dear ,generally most of the cyst on ovaries are functional or luteal and have very less effect on your pregnancy. But it does size of the seas increases or ruptured it may cause pelvic pains & cramps. Don't worry, it is not going to harm your baby inhow. Take care.
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