28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 7 month preganant women my tongue is not taking in any spicy foods if I have I can't controll

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Answer: Ho,dear you should avoid spicy foods because it will create acidity problems You should have notmal spicy but not extra spicy food . Add chat masala instead .it will help to get taste in food
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Question: I have lot of acid reflux and sore tongue I got fed I can't eat any thing specialy spicy and throat is also paining plzzz help me
Answer: Hi dear, why you try to eat spicy and oily food during pregnancy. In pregnancy you should eat non oily in non spicy foods to avoid indigestion/acidity /heartburn because these are part of your pregnancy . I will suggest you to drink jeera water or ajwain water after meal. Hope this will help you to some extent.
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Question: Im 7 month preganant ..My T4 level is 13.30 and im not taking any medicine for this...so if there any affected for baby....
Answer: You need to consult the Dr take medication coz thyroid hormones variation can affects the baby growth don't worry if u taken medicine it will be alright
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Question: I have left cyst ovarian. Now am taking medicine,if there any chance to preganant.
Answer: Yeah there are chances if your right ovary is OK. But it depends on medicine as well you are taking now.
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