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Question: I m 6 month pregnant.. i cant able to control my anger. I m always getting angry for simple things. Would it affect my baby's health???

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Answer: Hie This might be the hormones creating mood swings don't worry it is normal during pregnancy Focus on the good things in life imagine about your baby keep your mind occupied enroll yourself in creative or your favorite activity Like sign up for swimming , painting, dancing ,singing or baking what ever gives you Joy Take a break time to time and go on a date with your spouse , staycation or vacation which ever suits the time Meditation is the key to control hormones as well as emotions Practice it for atleast 20-30 mins a day
Answer: Yes dear anger affect karta h...ap khush raha kro..choti choti bato ko avoid karo..long breathing exercise kro..meditation karo apke liy or baby k liy acha h...jb b gussa aaye apne mn me bolo cool cool or apne baby k bare me socho to pyar aa jayega...stress lena harmful hota h pregnancy me anger se stress b hota h...take care..
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    Maya Negi231 days ago

    Av apko anger k bare mai ni sochna av apko sirf apne mind mai apne baby ko rkhna hai usse apko first priority dene hai

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Question: I'm getting angry suddenly, feeling like crying for simple things..... Can't able to share my feelings with anybody.... Wt to do.......?
Answer: Hi dear, during pregnancy a because of hormonal level changes mostly he suffers from mood swings and higher emotional states. Our expectations from people increases and when they didn't meet that it causes more mental pressure on us. To overcome this you should do the breathing exercise and meditation. Morning walk and evening walk me also help you. Read books on babies. Even going out for dinner for spending good times with friends may also help you. Remember one thing you have to give yourself seat from physically and mentally for all round development of your baby. Eat healthy and nutritious diet drink adequate amount of water and take care of yourself. Eat healthy and nutritious diet drink adequate amount of water and take care of yourself. Don't let yourself in depression, enjoy your pregnancy.
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Question: I tend to get angry always... Please tell me how do i control my anger n y m i so agressive
Answer: Hi dear, Most of the reasons for anger is stress.Everyone wants to be stress free but too difficult to just ignore it.it is also not possible to simply avoid it.but one can develop the skills to handle it.exercise is one such way to handle stress.it infact releases stress.the happy hormones are produced in mind after you workout.so donot miss your morning walks in early morning sun.eat healthy.junk food could increase your stress levels. Avoid any kind of argument unnecessary.try to walk out of heated arguments. Read a good book,meet your loved on s often,watch your favourite TV comedy.sing song,dance it out.do something that makes you happy.do something that brings smile to someone else's face.stress management is a process that won't come in just single day.you need to practice everyday.do deep breathing every day,walk bare foot on soft green grasses.all such minute things would definitely help you in long run.i wish you all the very best!
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Question: having lot of mood swings....cant control my anger on small things in 6th month of pregnancy. i knw it will harm my baby...but wht to do
Answer: Mood swings during pregnancy are common & can be caused by physical stresses, fatigue, changes in your metabolism & hormones. So it is important to understand you are not alone; mood swings are just another aspect of the pregnancy experience. Following tips might help you to keep you calm & your stress level at bay – • Get plenty of sleep • Take a break during the day to relax • Get regular physical activity • Eat well • Spend time with your partner • Go for a walk • Try pregnancy yoga class or meditation * Get a massage
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Question: I'm 2 month pregnant.. I feel so tried and i m always sleeping.. It's affect on baby's health ?
Answer: In the first trimester it's normal to feel tired and to sleep full day. It won't affect the baby's health provided you eat food regularly
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